wake up make coffee another day just the same

Everyday blurs into the one before. i swear its like i am waking up on the same day over and over again (Like that Bill Murray movie Groundhog's Day.)
My daughter rolls over before i do and says "mommy i want milk" i get up, stumble down the stairs, hope i set the coffee pot up so i just have to push the on button (should have gotten one of those fancy timer ones.) Then when i get downstairs pour my daughter a sippy cup of milk after I hit the on button on the pot.
After climbing the stairs I stumble into the bedroom to see what mind numbing kid's show my daugter managed to turn on before i got back upstairs. Sometimes I change the channel. Then I come into our office and turnthe computer on. I wish I had a laptop (and WiFi) so I could sit w/ her and watch mind numbing Dora or Rugrats or whatever she wants to watch (current favorite- LazyTown have any of you seen it?! man its weird, with these techno type songs you are supposed to want to dance to- funny I DO want to dance to it!)
I sit w/ my cupof java at the computer waiting for something exciting to happen in cyberspace, or until i have something to say to someone out there.
Today I guess I have to say "will the monotony never end?!"

Its not so bad after the first hour of my day, I am caffeinated and feel ready to get dressed or whatever. Today I think is a library day. I need to return the books I borrowed last time i was there, I didn't read them all because some of them were too stupid. Its hard to pick GOOD fiction when you have to grab books before your kid drags you into the kiddy section. I have read plenty of kid books. My husband makes fun of me because I bring home books about teenagers and Beverly Cleary. SO? I like those books! I don't want to lost touch w/ kids beacuse when my kids becoime teens I want to still feel like I understnad teenagers a little. I am not holding on because i feel old (although sometimes I do...) Its all about my kid/s.
It used to be because i wanted to be a teacher, but that feeling passed when I worked at an elementary school. YUCKY! I am NOT cut out to be a teacher.
Teachers are a rare breed, and well I am not of that breed. I am too smart, as my mom says. (she works at a high school) Teachers are teachers because they "can't"
those who can't do, teach-
not all, some are really GOOD people but its seems like more often than not, teachers are those who couldn't make it outside of the school environment.

My husband wants to be a teacher- no a Professor at a college/university someday. I think it would be cool to say Yes I am Professor @#$%^'s wife. He has amillion goals, and I am sure he'll make most of them. I have no goals at this point other than having another child. I want to go to school but don't want to get pg and have a baby while i am in school. (I want to give my child 90% of my attention like I did w/ Rhayn.) But we'll see.

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