later same day

Yup- today has turned into nothingness. I need to send out a letter to my husband, but that involves leaving my house!
I think we are still headed to the library, its always a fun time at the library! Then we are going out to eat w/ my cousin, Carter. I love hanging out with him! Its like the best way to have a firend of the opposite sex. I can talk to him about nearly anything and its ok. It is also great because my male friends usually have pent up sexual tension and I don't like being around that. Its annoying. As I am- well- frustrated as well (dh has already been gone 6 weeks!!!)
I guess I should get myself ready to go. I need to brush my hair, I hate my hair. I want it to be 3 inches longer, although I am happier w/it currently than I was 3 months ago.
Ok babble babble- you'll notice I do alot of that! I guess that will be the best part of this Blog! i can babble and NOT ONE of you will complain! LOL You just don't have to read my babble!

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