sick night

Yesterday I took Rhayn to the store, to pick up filters for our a/c. So we walk around Target checking out the backs of the aisles (looking for clearance of course! lol) They had the neatest dress for her but it was a 5 and she is only a 3/4 so I guess I'lll see if they have it at another target.
After that we went to the grocery store to pick up eggs and bread. About halfway through our shopping I felt so sick all of a sudden. So we hurry up and go home. I put in a movie and laid on the couch dozing while she watched it. My head pounding and feeling totally awful. When the movie was over I made myself eat some bread because i felt like i was going to be sick.
We went to move into the bedroom so i could sleep. But suddenly I had to run into the bathroom.
I felt much better after that and we went upstairs and watched Barbie of Swan Lake (well i slept and she watched it)
I feel a bit better today, my head stillhurts so i am trying a little caffeine therapy. I am attempting to cut back on caffeine. And honestly I am going through a time when coffee doesn't taste so great. Maybe I really am sick?
well off for another day of f-u-n!

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