Our summer vacation is quickly coming to an end.
All of the things we wanted to do, never got done.
With only a few weeks left, and one of those weeks, our at least part of it, dedicated to our family reunion, I'm staring to panic a little.

Today I received Natalie's school list and teacher name. I'm excited, but it hit me that she won't be mine at home any more. She'll go to school, with the big kids, every day. I know she's excited and I'm happy for her, but this part of my life, the life I've been living for over 15 years, is ending quickly.

Soon Abi will go off to school as well, and I am not ready. OK, it's a few years away, but, is coming.

I know that this is part of life. I love watching my kids grow and become these people, but at the same time, I'll miss the silly words, the fabulous outfits, the songs and drawings.

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