Abi 19 month newsletter

Dear Abi,

Monday you turned 19 months old. I took one picture of you, because I was very busy during the day.

Some time in the last few weeks, your language blossomed and you started making sentences. You babble constantly and talk to every thing and every one.

You also have your top left canine but it's barely broken through. Hopefully the others come fast, because that tooth made you one miserable toddler! Fingers in your mouth, fussing and crying. It was miserable for you (and me!)

You  spend most of your time trying to keep up with Natalie. And really besides the talking, not much has changed with you since you were 18 months.

Earlier today Natalie has a barrette in her hair and offered to put it in mine. You wanted it in yours. You kept asking and punting to your head. Dear girl, you haven't enough hair to hold a barrette! It fell right out. But for about 5 seconds you were so excited about the pretty in your hair!

Darling girl, you need to slow down just a little. I'm not ready for you to stop being a baby.


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