one week to go

Christmas is a week away. I thought I was ready, but I always feel like there is more I could do.

Tonight we have a Christmas sing-a-long at the girls school. Rhayn is in it, so we will for sure go. This weekend the LDS Church is doing some sort of a music thing. I'm curious to go because I love Christmas music.

Having sick kids last week made me stay home and I was able to get a lot of knitting projects done. I made a couple of mermaids that I'm really proud of and a few silly hats.

All I really need to do it pick up a few stocking stuffers and I'm done shopping. I'm not sure if the girls have an even number of gifts, usually I try to make sure they do. I suppose I still could.

I think Rhayn has the most gifts. And Natalie and Abi are sharing their big gift (a play kitchen).

I guess I'm just thinking aloud here.

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