11 Months Old- Abby

Dear Abigail,

You are 11 months old today. I can't remember if I wrote a 10 month post but a lot has changed in our lives since then.

My grandma (your great-grandma) Loretta passed away on the 16th of April. We had a funeral for her on the 26th. You met lots of people and refused to let anyone hold you. Daddy was ok, and maybe grandpa. But everyone else was chopped liver.

This month you started cruising around furniture. Really its just been in the last week or so. You'll take steps if I hold your hands but only towards me. You figured out how to crawl UP the steps and to climb onto things. Its cute, but you get stuck easily and that makes you so mad.

You've decided that Daddy is awesome. Sometimes. When you feel like it. You'll even reach for him and avoid me sometimes. I love that.

A few days ago you started playing peek-a-boo. Like pull a blanket over your face "Where's Abi" pull the blanket down "There she is!" I adore playing it with you, even if it means you are staying awake longer than you should.

My darling babiest girl, you are so serious most of the time. I love that you are, but sometimes I worry. Mostly because its my job as mom to worry about you and your sisters. You are a sweet girl, very loving, and so much your own person already.

Love always,

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