Abigail is 6 months

Dear Abby,
A week ago you turned 6 months old. For half of a year I've held you close and loved you. You are a fairly happy baby though quite serious most of the time. It took you longer to smile easily than your sisters.
You don't crawl yet. But that is fine with me. You can sit up for longer periods of time and this week you started trying to sit up when you are in your bouncy seat.
There is still very little hair on your sweet head. But what is there isn't white blond. In sure it'll be blond just not as light as Gwen's is.

I just started giving you some food. Yesterday you had carrots and loved them. I found them this morning in your diaper. Tonight at dinner you had a few bites of refried beans off of my spoon. You were so excited and you love sitting at the table with us. I didn't really want to start foods with you yet simply because it is more work and the diapers are more work. But you wanted to try food. I'm in no rush for you to grow up sweet girl.
The last few days you've noticed when I walk away from you. You aren't happy about it. In fact it seems like it causes you stress. You watch me like a hawk and when I turn the corner you start to cry. I love that you love me this much but it seems early.
Maybe I forget that you're 6 months already. It feels like you were just born.
Sweetie I hope you know how glad I am that we have you, how much I love being your mom.
And I look forward to watching you grow.
Love, mama

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