Afternoon blessings

Dinner was started, one of the most labor intensive meals I make (falafel with homemade pita bread, hummus and tzatziki). I just needed to hop online to look up a new recipe for falafel because so far none had been just right.

Only as I turned on my laptop it wouldn't connect to the internet. Then the tv stopped playing Netflix (the girls were watching a little Star Trek TNG).

I made dinner using the recipe that Will found using his phone's mobile internet (so we're never really without it, are we?) And finished up pita bread on the pizza stone and pan fried the falafel to crunchy goodness. I sliced tomatoes and radishes and and got plates out.

After dinner, we went our separate ways while I cleaned up the mess I had made. I took the compost outside to the pile. And got started digging a hole around a tree stump that wasn't killed by me chopping it up. Thorny scrub acacias are not fun in the walkway and I want this tree gone.

Soon the big girls came out and started helping me dig around the base of the tree root.

The girls chased the dog around the yard, playing happily. The weather was perfect, the temperature ideal. The sun set slowly and it was amazing.

I get so caught up in Facebook and the internet, my online groups, the news, stories and blogs, that I forget about my kids. Well... not forget exactly, but I hush them so that I can read the rest of this article, or that blog post. I ignore their bored pleas. But last night, I remembered them. And I enjoyed them.

And it was good.

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