Slow Cookin' Ribs

Earlier this week Target had St. Louis style pork ribs for a pretty good price. I saw a recipe for BBQ ribs in the Slow Cooker Revolution book, and thought that would be perfect to try out. It was a huge hit. So much so that when I asked the girls what we should make for daddy's homecoming tomorrow, they exclaimed "ROAST!" (our go to meal and a favorite of us all) then quickly changed their minds to "RIBS!".

This is seriously the easiest recipe ever. You take ribs, beef or pork, (they should fit in your crock pot standing up, the ones we bought today don't. Hopefully they are still awesomely tasty!) and rub them down with some spices, your choice. Put them in the slow cooker and cover with 3 cups or so of BBQ sauce, I also added liquid smoke for flavor. Then cook on low for 6 hours. Take the ribs out and brown under the broiler and cook down the BBQ sauce. I went back every hour or so and to spoon the sauce over the ribs.

If your ribs were fatty (come on, they all are) you might need to skim the fat off the sauce at some point. Also you could broil them first, as Stephanie did in this recipe. That probably will cook off some of the fat. But fat = flavor (and tenderness) and you don't want to get rid of all of it.

 Also your house will smell so good you might need to leave for the day.

Yum yum yum. Ask my kids.

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