I'm trying to get back in my blogging groove. I've missed it.

I am thankful for
~beautiful flowers that were only $2 a bunch at the store. The bright yellow makes me happy and Gwennie added a lovely sprig of creosote for the good smell.
~our kitchen being useable before someone deploys.
~Rhayn's help, and that her dad will be here on her birthday.
~Gwennie's silly pictures and even though she doesn't want to do hard work, she is learning to read and catching up to her class quickly.
~Natty walking, it is so stinking cute to watch her waddle around the house. She still crawls when she is trying to get somewhere quickly though.
~Meatless Mondays and the chance to try out some interesting recipes. Today's recipe is Vegetarian Shepard's Pie (it has mashed potatoes on top instead of pie crust, and it will be loaded with mushrooms, mmmm, and veggies.)

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