Gratitude Days 11-14

We were able to head to Sierra Vista this weekend and see the house we are buying. While down there I didn't get on the computer, I didn't check my email or Facebook. And I am grateful that I can do that, and not feel withdrawals. In fact its nice to be away from it all.

Friday was Veteran's Day. I am extremely grateful for my own Vet. He's great. We watched the SV parade and it was just long enough. It was chilly, and if you look at the mountain in the distance, it has snow on it. Snow. In Arizona. I love Sierra Vista so far. Saturday, the 12th, we went in the house. There are issues, no lies there. But I can imagine us there. I look forward to working on our home with Will. I am thankful that both Will and I are handy and should be able to to much of the repairs ourselves. Most likely we will be taking this wood pellet stove out. It, like much in the house, wasn't installed properly. Plus we plan to carpet this main living space.
On Sunday the 13th we took our time driving home. It was pouring rain in Tucson, so we stopped and ate at Denny's. I had hoped the rain would slow down while we ate and it did. I am grateful that we made it home safely. Today I am thankful for 70 degree weather. It is beautiful out today. (Picture from Friday, when we were all freezing.) I have all of the windows open letting in the outside air and hopefully ridding our home of the sickies. If anything it is making the house smell nice.

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