Weekly Gratitude

I haven't written any things that I am grateful for lately.
Mostly because I had been struggling with gratitude recently.
But the weather finally broke and we've had cooler temperatures and cloudy days. Its been beautiful out.
~I am finally better from 2 back to back colds that kicked my butt. This was followed by the worst migraine I have ever had. So bad that I had to call a friend to come and take my girls to school. It was miserable, BUT lasted only 18 hours. Also Nanny let me take a 3 hour nap that helped through it.
~We started giving Nanny food at dinner so that we can all eat together. I wanted to avoid feeding her people food until she was 6 months old, but she. wants. food. She also does a great job eating it. Or at least playing with it. A scoop of rice was a huge hit and kept her busy long enough for me to eat my sushi roll. (Though we were at a restaurant at the time and there. was. rice. everywhere.)
~Gwennie is sleeping better. We stopped fighting her about sleeping in my room. I set up her bed near mine and she is sleeping without as much of a fight. This means she is in a much better mood.
~Rhayn and I talked about 9-11 this weekend. It gave me a chance to think about it, and process my thoughts. Sure its been 10 years, but I remember life before it. My kids won't. They will always live in a world that knows this can happen. They will always live in a world where their dad joined the Military after this tragedy. It was the first year I told Rhayn about what happened. We watched a couple of shows about it, and we went to The Healing Field in Tempe. It was beautiful.
~Will was away at drill this weekend. I am grateful that he isn't in another country. I am grateful that we'll get to see him (even if its for a short amount of time) this weekend. ~I am grateful for a baby's first birthday party that meant time with my family. I spent a long time talking with my Grandma. I rarely take the time to talk to her. I should really change that.
~All in all it was a decent weekend. And for that I am grateful.

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Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better! It can be hard to find something positive when you are having such a hard time, but sometimes, a good thing to do is force oneself to look for anything good! It's that "glass half-full" mentality. But, I personally know, better said than done ;)

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