Some Updates

I'm doing a 30 day photo challenge, here, so join in if you want. Or just look at my lame pictures.

This weekend Will was home, which was awesome. I was sick and didn't get to enjoy him, but it was nice to be sick and not have to worry about the kids. I am really lucky to have him. We aren't going to see a lot of him over the next month or so. I hate that. We miss him dreadfully when he is gone and its hard on the girls to not see him regularly.

Gwennie has made some friends at school. She is so cute talking about them all of the time. One of the little girls is really into vampires (in kindergarten?) so Gwennie is talking about them. I asked her about vampires and she said "They suck blood, S and I love them and we are one of them. S was the first vampire and she bit me, and now I'm a vampire." I wonder if that is why she wants to wear black clothes? You know, because she is such a goth.

Lily had a puppy play date at our friends' house and she was so worn out the next day that she could barely move. I wish I was a better pet owner, and took her on walks more. But it has been so ridiculously hot we have been doing as little as possible to get by.

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tif-do said...

Did you get me comment earlier, or did I forget to post it? Anyhow I said I want to do the picture thing, and where do you get the list of each day? Thanks!

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