Movin movin movin

On Sunday Will is headed to Sierra Vista. He was offered a job there and took it. If all goes well, the rest of us will follow him in a few months.

This is good because its steady pay, and he'll have time off (maybe we'll even get to go on vacation at some point!)
This is bad because we will most likely be moving. Away from my friends and Rhayn's friends. And he's going to be down there, while I "single mom" it up here. Its not close enough to commute easily. Its about a 4ish hour drive there, though its interstate most of the way.

I am excited about the move and terrified at the same time. I can't wait to be down there, but the magnitude of moving really has me worried.

He is excited, if this is what it sounds like it will be, then he will be awesome at it. And it will be something wonderful for our whole family.

We've known about this possibility for a few months. Originally the start date was June 14th, but with a fire burning down there it was a little longer before they decided on the contract. And now? Well we wait and see what will happen.

After being through a deployment you would think I would be prepared for something like this. We could actually drive down to visit him anytime. Its really not THAT far. But I am not prepared. I feel so anxious about it. I know it will be alright and even if this part is hard, we will all make it through.

But when he left for Iraq I had more time to prepare. I only had 2 kids to deal with. I wasn't already dealing with post partum anxiety issues. I also didn't rely on him for anything because he'd been so busy before that.

Since he's been working from home, sure he's busy however, he has been here. I've been able to leave the big girls here while I run to the grocery store or go out for a while. We have been working together well, and I really feel like we are a team.

Only now I'm going to have to figure all of this out myself.

And I have to keep reminding myself that this part is temporary and when its over our lives should be so much better. And that is really something to look forward to.


Briep said...


ok just joking I knew that. Love you!

Cornfed Princess said...

Congrats! The unknown is scary and overwhelming, but you all will do what's right for your family. Just remember it's the little moments in our day that make it all worth while.

Amie said...

Whether its 4 hours or 4 continents, its still a separation, so you are rightly justified in being nervous/scared/anxious about it! This will be a big change for you guys. Will definitely take some adjusting. But it sounds like a possibly great opportunity...good luck!

Mo said...

That is exciting news Helena! I wish Will all the very best in his new job and look forward to hearing about your move. I know you will handle it just fine as you always do. x

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