A whole TMI post

I am so weepy today. Tears won't stop pouring out at weird times and for no reason. I feel silly, but I also feel overwhelmed and really sore, no not sore, pained down below.

Pushing a nearly 9 pound baby out proved a little much for my girl parts. Since I already had huge hemorrhoids those were compounded but I also have a few skid marks that until last night were not bothering me too much. Apparently a sitz bath was NOT a good idea, it opened up a couple of the skid marks and now it burns like you wouldn't believe when I pee. I also thin that making that second trip down stairs last night was a bad idea. I could not stay up. I tried because I knew it was a bad idea to come back down. I wanted to spend some time with Will. He is here to help me, but he has to work as well.

Back to my 'roids. It hurts to sit flat on my butt because they are so huge and my bottom is unpadded. Also I haven't pooped yet. I am terrified to poop. This morning I sort of feel like I might need to (yesterday I didn't at. all.) I'm giving myself a pep talk about it (a poop talk if you will.) I know that the longer I go without doing that, the harder it will be. I wish that I had someway to ensure that my poop would come easily. I remember taking a stool softener in the hospital with Rhayn. I really wish I had some right now. I don't recall this being an issue after Gwennie. I am pretty sure I didn't write about this sort of thing on my blog back then so even if this was an issue I didn't write about it. That whole hemorrhoid/pruitis ani/itchy anus/colonoscopy thing 2 years ago took away all of my rectal dignity on here. Speaking of which, that itchy butt problem came back the last few weeks of my pregnancy, too. That was miserable. I am pretty sure that was due to it heating up in Arizona.

Last night was miserable, its hard to get comfortable when your butt hurts and you can't stop crying. I tried writing about it, and it helped a bit. I don't know if I should worry about the weepiness yet. It isn't that I feel like the world is ending. I do feel empty, but that is more of a physical thing (looking at my deflated nearly back to normal abdomen.)

I don't feel stir crazy in our house yet, but last night I HAD to clean the kitchen because it was messy and we have these miserable little flies all over the kitchen- some are fruit flies but some are just little flies that come out of the soil of our potted plants. This is an easy fix, you cover the soil with a 1/4 inch of sand. It makes them unable to hatch out of the eggs that are in the soil. Well they can hatch but can not get out. Its not our first infestation of these buggers. I plan to have Gwennie help me fix that later on this morning. I also need to water my garden, but that simply turning on a faucet for 20 minutes and I probably should do that this evening.

This post is longer than I thought it would be, and again I could go on and on because there are many other things that are making me miserable at the moment, but I am going to take this advice, that used to hang in my mom's bedroom-

Quiet down cobwebs
Dust go to sleep
I'm rocking my baby
and babies don't keep.


HomegrownTexan said...

For what it's worth, I had the whole weepiness thing too, especially with Michael.

Also, I'm pretty sure you can get stool softeners over the counter at the drug store. Maybe you could ask someone to pick some up for you?

And I know I already said it, but congratulations again!!

lvh said...

my favorite thing about this post is the part about the flies and the plants - I always get those little things but have never known how to stop them so usually end up throwing out the plant. thx for that information.

but I am sorry that you are feeling so blue and pained.

Amie said...

Oy, tis the lovely parts of afterbirth! I think I went about 6 days with each of my kiddos until I MEGA POOPED each time--and yah, that first one hurt. Literally flooded my bathroom one time, which was not fun and disgusting and my hubby was at work and I was sore from my C-section yet someone had to clean up the poopy soggy floor and it wasn't the crying newborn in the next room. Ruined the smell of strawberry air freshner for me forever.

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