Yesterday I posted about needing some craft projects to make it through a rough time. Here are a few websites that I have found lately that have really inspired me.

Prudent Baby- this one has a project I started work on yesterday. I crocheted the top part of the Quick Crochet and Fabric top. After learning how to treble crochet it was quick.

***Edited to add- I finished one of these today, a Gwennie sized dress style one using fabric I already had (pink with "Noonicorns" on it.) It was harder than it looks. Also I ended up pleating instead of gathering. I have some ideas to make it better (read as easier for me) and I have the crocheted part of another one done already (its much smaller, like the size of a nearly 2 year old Melanie?) I have a lot of cute fabric and it only takes about 1/2 a yard total to make them. (I'll take a picture later.)

Lusa Organics
- I really want to make this sunhat for Rhayn for school.

Frugal Family Fun Blog
- there are some really fun crafts to make with the kids on this one!

The Purl Bee- I want to make one of these zippered dopp kits for myself.

So, if you have any inspirational blog links pass them along! I'd love some more ideas!

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