A week in review

Shall we start with last weekend?

Saturday Will had an Army obligation and I took the girls to see Shrek the Final Chapter. We enjoyed it. But I wasn't feeling that well and I also had slept fitfully through the previous night. We came home and I took a nap on the couch.

Sunday Rhayn has a birthday party to go to. But first we cleaned up the backyard before she and Will played a little catch. I took her to the party and sat at a coffee shop nearby reading while she was at the party. She loved it because they decorated cakes, then they were able to bring the cake home. We all enjoyed the cake that evening.

Monday morning it was so nice out, and with a forecast high of 81, Gwennie and I went to the zoo. I let her chose what we would go see. Of course we had to see the giraffes and then it was off to the wallabies before finishing up at the petting zoo area. That evening Rhayn's school had their Spring Concert. Rhayn's class performed beautifully. My mom and dad were able to come and that was really nice.

Tuesday... um... I don't remember much. I did laundry and in the evening took Rhayn to ballet.

Wednesday Will stayed home from work with a cold. Since I was watching L, he stayed in our bedroom for the morning and worked.

Thursday Gwennie, L and I went to pick peaches. Will came home early from work because he was still sick.

Friday Will stayed home sick again. I took our new car in to the Mazda dealership to see what was leaking under it. Luckily for us, it was quick and simple for them to fix it. (Cracked motor mount that requires hydraulic fluid.) I was out of there in about an hour which was awesome. After school I took Rhayn out for a milkshake and a quick trip to Old Navy which was having a huge sale. All of the clearance stuff was an addition 50% off. We got two outfits for Rhayn and a t-shirt for both girls for about $30. It was a nice time out, just the two of us.

Today Will is taking Rhayn to play tennis, and Gwennie and I are going to pull weeds. Then we will clean the house before the barbecue we are having tomorrow.


lvh said...

Sounds like a wonderful week except for Will being sick. It's so fun to have kids and be involved in lots of activities.

Amanda said...

I love your tomato!!!

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