Hmmm... a few minutes ago I opened this to write about something but the dog barking totally ruined my concentration. (Penny was barking because Mean Kitty had escaped through the popped out screen in our living room window.)

Today I took the truck to get an emissions test as well as an oil change. When the guy at the emissions test place took my payment and was telling me that the truck passed and was handing me the paper that we need for the MVD, he said "Congratulations." Really? Like it was an accomplishment. I just thought that was weird.

Well crap since I have no idea why I sat here to write I think I will sit back and drink my chai on the couch instead of staring at the computer.


Wayne said...

That must be SOP, because I recall them telling me congratulations too. Although my car is 16 years old, so it's not too weird for me. (I've even failed the test once!)

Wayne said...

BTW, I like how after receiving a comment about how good your post titles are you followed up with an untitled post. You sassy thing!

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