In which the world is so small.

On Saturday morning (after a rough night's sleep due to ill advised nacho fries before bed... how old am I?) Will and I went to our marriage classes. I downed much coffee in order to make it through the day. Sometime around mid-morning, I walked by the ballroom and saw a room being set up for what looked like a wedding reception. There were beautiful orange ribbons tied on all of the chairs.

An hour later I walked by again, and noticed these really beautiful table runners on all of the tables. I started to wonder, knowing that a certain bloggy friend of mine was getting married that day and I knew one of her colors was orange, if it just might be her wedding. I wasn't sure how to find out until later someone asked about a party that was going on and was directed to a schedule that was posted near the pay phone by the same restroom I had been using. I walked over there, slyly, and feeling silly for it, to see the name of the wedding party. I bent down to look and it was her wedding party. I literally squeaked for joy. I knew I wouldn't intrude on her wedding. But it made me laugh and feel giddy for her even more than I already did.

As we left, to go out on date night, we walked by the wedding party, from the side I saw a beautiful woman, in a white dress, surrounded by family and friends, and tears welled in my eyes.

There are times when the world feels so small, and so friendly. This was one one of those moments, just knowing that I was there, enjoying some much needed time with my spouse, while she was becoming a spouse made the weekend a little more special. Not that it needed ANY help with that, believe me. If you ever have a chance to take a marriage seminar or class of any kind, take it, don't hesitate because it will be worth it.


Everyday Mom Designs said...

Aww how cute is that?

bodaat said...

awww Helena, thank you for that post. it brought little tears to my eyes. it makes me happy that you were there! and yes i love how small our world is sometimes. many hugs to you!

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