Gratitude Day 24

I am thankful for Christmas music. There are so many beautiful songs. I purchased and easy to play book of Christmas music, and have been playing those for weeks but its not the same as listening to Bing Crosby sing White Christmas or Gene Autry singing Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Now normally I wait until Thanksgiving to get out the Christmas music, but this year? I decided on a change.

Yet another great piano use, as another surface to cover with Christmas items!

I realized that my birthday is a much better day to start the Christmas season. My birthday is the same number of days of Christmas every year (a constant) while Thanksgiving changes (a variable). Thanksgiving is closer to the end of the month this year and therefore there would be fewer days after it during which to enjoy the music and decorations. So I say, lets stop this ridiculous waiting until Thanksgiving to get out the Christmas stuff out, and lets all use my birthday as the day to start the season.

Our tree is up, but not decorated, and all of the boxes are out, waiting to decorate our house. I am so excited about Christmas this year. Last year? It was hard and I had the most difficult time even putting up the tree, but I did it for the girls. We are going to see the ZooLights tomorrow (member preview night!) and I can hardly wait.

Next up? Baking. Gwennie can't wait to start making cookies for Santa.


tif-do said...

I put up our stuff as well, just waiting on the tree until after we get back from Thanksgiving, I'm afraid Devil Cat will tear it down while we are not here. But I have been enjoying the Christmas music as well.

bodaat said...

our tree is going up this weekend if i can muster up the energy!

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