More of the Same

Hack, cough cough, wheeze, sniffle, achoo!

Yup, more of the same around here, and I for one am ready to be done feeling like a walking zombie.

Today I went to Lowe's to pick up a list of things that has been sitting on top of my purse for a few days now. This also meant that after the purchasing part I had to unload ten ten foot 2X4s and put them in the back yard. I also decided to go ahead and buy the four foot fencing that will (fingers crossed) keep certain dogs from jumping into my garden or using my raised bed garden as a launching pad out of our back yard. As well as about eleven five foot posts. I actually pulled out my old fencing, it was only three feet tall and not rigid, the dogs used it as an obstacle course, but it was barely an event. The real trial was leaping over the entire two and half foot wide garden in one jump. I started putting in the posts, but became dizzy. I decided that I was done for the day. I do still have to make sure my guest room is somewhat presentable since my mom is coming over for the night.

I guess I should do that now.

1 comment:

BrieP said...

Had your little girl for awhile today. I love the "twins" together. Tom. I am taking Grandma and my girls and Gwennie shopping.... FUN???

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