Puppy Capers part cuatro. In which I am quite weak.

I am weak. Very, very weak.

Wink! Wink!

Yes, this means Penelope is still here. I did find someone who can help me place her, if we need it. Instead, pending disapproval from Will, we will most likely be "peaking" her (as Gwennie would say.) I found someone to watch her while we are gone, and when we get home, I will push the house training and get her spayed and chipped.

I am still a little worried about it. But the way the two dogs interact, and the fact that Gwennie can lay on Penelope makes her more desirable. Also? Yesterday I sat with her while she ate. She didn't even bat an eye when I was messing with her while she ate. She didn't care when Lily came over. No growling, nothing. This to me, is an indicator that she will be a good fit. It is only one indicator. But the more time I spend with her... the more I just love this dog.

Darn my bleeding heart.


Everyday Mom Designs said...

haha, I knew it would happen! I even told my hubby that it would happen!

purplelurple said...

okay here is a dumb question...I guess just because I realized you may have said something before...but where are you girls going?

Alex's Human said...

Sucker!! :)

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