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The external roller shades that I installed to help combat the heat/sun in our living room. Today was the first real test and they helped quite a lot. Also notice the out of control aloe. It wanted to live there, because I nearly killed it in the other places I attempted to plant it.
Same shade from under the patio (with clothes on the line!) You can see through them, but they block the heat and some of the light.
Lily rides in style. She loves her sheepskin. Do you blame her? Its like cuddling with a fuzzy wuzzy lover. Or a bumble or a Tauntaun.

This morning I debated going to yoga. Back and forth I went over it in my head. I dropped Rhayn off at school, and still wasn't sure I was going. But then, I realized that it will always be a battle with myself. I need to make it a habit, just going. Unless I have a fever or am vomiting, I go. (Or, you know, if the kids are sick, that would keep me home, too.) I am even taking a pay class, because, once again, I am more likely to go and not waste the money.

I love the class I am taking, the flow from pose to pose, like a dance. Because its not a free class, or associated with the city, we start the class with meditation. Today it was opening our bodies, our minds. Along with the mediation we did opening poses.

Flexibility has never been an issue for me. I can put my feet behind my head. A back bend came easily to me. But now? I am thirty-one and my body protests a little, ok, a lot more than it used to. My muscles scream "Abuse!" after a few planks. But I continue. I know that in order to get back to where I was at twenty-five I need to keep stretching. I will feel better as I go. Its important to stay in shape. I know that. For me, yoga is the best choice. It doesn't hurt my feet. So many routines do, like running, it bothers my bunion. (Sexy huh? Mine isn't that big, but its getting there.) Also in yoga there is a lot of letting go of tension, allowing your body, your self to just be as it needs to be. Sometimes letting go of tension is extremely difficult, because it means showing weakness or an inability to do something you have always been able to do before. It means allowing the moment to be more important than anything else.

And that is a good lesson, each moment is precious and should be experienced as such.


bodaat said...

i'm so proud of you! doing yoga regularly takes a lot of committment. i really need to learn from you. :)

Lisa G. said...

Yay for clothes on the line! I haven't used my dryer in about 6 weeks.

I hope the shades help...you know how I feel about being too hot.

I used to have bunions on both feet. At the time I had a job that required a lot of walking, and the pain got so bad that I ended up having surgery for them. It wasn't the easiest thing in the world, but in the long run it did help.

Way to go with the yoga! I need to get my butt in gear and do *some* form of exercise regularly. Problem is, I hate it. If I could lose weight/stay in shape by knitting, cooking, or reading, I'd be set.

Sara said...

You make me want to return to yoga. I've not been attending in months and I know I need to return for all the reasons you mentioned. It always makes me feel incredible though so I need to just suck it up. Thanks for the reminder.

Amie said...

I love the screen! great job.

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