I haven’t been blogging much, not because I have nothing to say or share, but writing a blog post takes time and effort. Sitting down and actually processing my thoughts is something I haven’t wanted to do lately. Which really means I should do it soon.

Another issue I have had is my internet is being unpleasant. I don’t know if it has anything to do with the virus I had, or if its because I am using an old computer, but the internet and my computer are not on speaking terms. Or maybe the computer is speaking like a 2nd grader and the router is in college.

I will turn the computer on, and everything is fine, but suddenly I will not be online. If I wait a few minutes it comes back, most of the time. Then it will kick me off again. This morning has been the worst. It will not stay online in fact as I typed this (in a word document) the internet has connected and disconnected 5 times, in five minutes. Every time I attempt to check my email or get on Facebook, or even do a search, it kicks me off again.

I am used to my other computer, it is fast and loves our internet connection. They work well together, speaking the same language at the same level. I could easily open 5 tabs and look at all of them within moments. This one? It is slow and causes me to be patient. (Or pretend to be!)

Today I have been running up and down the stairs while I take care of Gwennie, who is sick. She woke up at 5am and threw up on me, then at 6 again. But really it was mostly just gagging on mucus. I took her temperature a little while ago, and it has risen to 100. Luckily a friend of mine was able to take Rhayn to school and will be taking Rhayn to gymnastics after school, too. (Ah the support, its been phenomenal!)

Update, even though I haven’t posted this yet. I don’t want to erase everything I have written, just because I am an idiot and you all want to read about how much of one I am.

The antenna on my wireless adapter was missing. I have no idea where it went, nor how long its been missing. So, I grabbed one off of another old computer in Will’s office (yes it’s a shrine to obsolete technology) and pushed it on my adapter. It isn’t screwed in, but its touching what it needs to touch to make it work. Yeah! Until I get my other computer working, at least I can surf the internet without being kicked off.

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