What to do with a three year old?

Tomorrow is Gwennie's birthday. I have class in the morning until about 11. After that I want to take her somewhere fun. But where? What would a 3 year old enjoy doing? And should I take Rhayn out of school to go with us? Does ANYONE have a suggestion (or want to tag along, huh sister?)

Seriously... I am at a loss. There are no kid movies playing, really. Look for yourself- Wall E is still in the theaters around here, but we already saw that. Igor is playing, and might be my ONLY option.

There is the Arizona Museum for Youth or this museum. The kids always love the Arizona Museum of Natural History. She might enjoy the Children's Museum of Phoenix, but I think it is crap. (Unless I can get someone to go with me, ahem, sister?)

Please give me an idea! Her birthday is upon me, and I am totally at a loss.


Amy said...

Sounds like you already thought of some fun places to go. I guess it really depends on what you are looking to do....and what Gwen likes....

I don't know what part of the Phoenix area you live in, but I know some areas have nice spash pads. And I hear it is still a bit warm out there so if you don't mind a little sun, that's one idea.

Chuck E. Cheese is a noisy, expensive, and (at times) annoying option that most three year olds like.

And there's the zoo. Again, a sunny suggestion.

Any farms around your area doing anything fun for fall? Hay rides? Pumpkin patch?

Oh, and how do you like the Botanical Garden?

Just thoughts. Can't wait to hear (er, read) what you end up doing!

bodaat said...

What about one of those places where you go and paint pottery?

Carter Family said...

Jaimee loves to go to Jeepers (funindoor.com). She could spend all day there. Amazing Jakes is fun as well but I don't think they have as many rides for the little ones.

BrieP said...

Today was a fun day! I hope that you found something fun to do with her. Sorry we couldn't enjoy her birthday with you!

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