Photo Challenge: Summer

In Arizona summer means two things, well maybe three.
Hot- hot- hot weather
Monsoon storms
and Fires.

This picture combines all three. It was a monsoon storm (or the lightning from it) that started the brush fire near out house. It was the smoke that looked so appealing that prompted me to take this picture. And it was hot out that afternoon.


Mo said...

Love the picture, sorry it was from a fire though! Hope it is out now!

HomeSlice said...

that is a gorgeous picture - even though it's scary!

Mo said...

Oh, and Leaner, I know some really good AC fixers, should you ever be in need of one again. Although I sincerely hope that you wont of course! :)

Alicia said...

OK, scary about the fire, but that picture is gorgeous. Totally desktop picture worthy:)

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