Golden Brown

For months I have been looking for a bikini. I know, I am 30, and maybe a bikini isn't the best idea. But I wanted one. Alright? I was opposed to a halter top, simply because they usually don't support my saggy baggy "girls" well enough. Last night after girls' night out, I was just not in a hurry to get home. I was across the street from Target and although I have been avoiding Target, since finances have been tight, I thought I would hop in there and check their clearance suits out.

I found this Merona suit, and tried it on. The halter actually holds the girls in place. I can shimmy and shake all over and they stay in the top! And? It looks cute. I was so excited. The bottoms actually cover my hiney, and I didn't look half bad. Well- my stomach is not as flat as the model's is and it is white, while the rest of me is turning brown from the girls' swim lessons. But this suit actually made me feel good, and I love the colors. It was 30% off, not great, but much better than full price.


Mo said...

I still wear a bikini and I will be 40 (!!) in the fall. I haven't really thought about whether it is something I should or should not be wearing at my age.

My body definitely isn't what it was but hey, it has carried two babies, and isn't so bad. I think we get way too caught up in the whole illusion of how we are supposed to look. Who says?

I am sure you look great in your new bikini, and more importantly feel great as well! :)

Homey said...

that suit is super cute. i wish i could wear something like that! maybe someday :-)

Sara said...

Go you! You will be alone in your bikini wearing though.

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