On Her Moon

I went to a lecture tonight called "She's On Her Moon." It was given by a naturopath doctor who has children at my daughter's school. I am not sure what I went in thinking I would learn. I mean I have spent a lot of time researching PMDD and PMS, and moon cycles. I KNOW my body fairly well. My diva cup is one of my favorite things to talk about. My cervix and I are on a first name basis.

Still I have really severe symptoms before the onset of my period, nearly every month. I started exercising and that seems to, in addition to my supplements, help. I feel like a better person and like I can actually cope with my children during my luteal phase.

What I learned is during the luteal phase we should go inward. We think more, reflect more, need time to be with ourselves. Our menses used to coincide with the lunar cycles. That would mean that the new moon (Monday) would be the onset of our menses or day 1 of our cycle. My cycle is a little off from that, but I can tell you that during the full moon (when we should ovulate) my hormones kick into overdrive and I want to party. I feel filled out, sexy, lush. It is amazing how much different I feel during that time than any other time of the month. I feel energized and happy.

I know what I can do differently to change the pattern of behavior I have, the way I feel during my luteal phase. I have started some of those things, and will gladly change others. I want to feel happy and content with me. I don't want to be anxious and filled with dread and fear for a week (or more) every month.

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tif-do said...

You know I'd really like to refer to it as that "on her moon" that almost makes it sound lovely... instead of Period, or cycle, the curse,or Aunt Flo is visiting. On Her Moon makes us women sound like were one with the earth, one with the solor system. When I'm at the part... I take everything more personally, my feelings get hurt a lot easier, and I'm just a crabby blubbering mess. So thinking anything lovely about it, would be more comforting.

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