110 to 80

Do you get notes from your school about illnesses and lice and other horrific events? Do you wonder which class the ill child is in? I hate it. We just received an email that strep throat is at the school. Knowing that Rhayn is very susceptible to this particular malady means knowing that if its in her class we will probably be struck by it.

And did I mention my throat hurts? Its raw feeling and maybe that means I have strep. You know, that is just want I need a good round of antibiotics. Grumble. Grumble. Oh and today was our second day of nearly record breaking temperatures. That means that not only did we reach triple digits, we surpassed them be a whopping ten degrees. Tomorrow we are supposed to drop and by Thursday, have a chance of rain. RAIN! along with temperature nearly thirty degrees cooler.

Huh? You may say. How is it possible to reach 110 one day and then in two days the temperature drop that much. Well, I just have to say, that I live in the frickinfrackin desert which makes no sense. The only time I have ever been excited about triple digits was a few years ago when the local television weather guy said we would be done with triple digits for the year and if he was wrong, he would kiss a goat. Lets just say, that goat got some action!

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HomeSlice said...

no wonder everyone is sick there!! crazy weather. hey, and my theory on why they don't tell you the sick kid or classroom is fear of a lynch mob. i used to want to kill whatever child brought the flu or rotovirus or whatever the illness du jour was.

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