It seems like everything I think and talk about right now deals with my backyard. I am sure you really don't care that much, but since I do, and this is my blog I can talk about it. A LOT. But right now I am going to babble, just a little.

You know in my mind landscapers should be super hot eighteen year old guys who don't wear shirts. Okay, all of them should be like that- the plumber, the electrician, the painter. Hot young men with no shirts and abs to that are cut like an engagement ring's diamond. Aren't they like that in the movies?

Have you ever noticed that car washes (those raise money kind that seem to take place every weekend on every corner around here) that are staffed by young girls in bikini tops and daisy dukes are more likely to be stopped at? Have you ever noticed that the church ones, with fully clad older people, who probably would do a better job washing your car, are less busy? Have you ever seen a donation car wash staffed by hot, eighteen year old boys (with no shirts)? I actually have. In this area they were probably all gang members, but they sported some fit bodies.

But can you imagine a car wash run by Johnny Depp look-a-likes? Without shirts on?
Humanuh humanuh
Or maybe David Beckham look-a-likes... Nice.


tif-do said...

Now that's a car wash I WOULD be stopping at!!! HHMMM JOHNNY I might even stop more than once!

Doulala said...

You are cracking me up! Are you ovulating? lol

leaner said...

Doulala- why, yes. Yes it is that time of the month... I can't help it. LOL Hubby far away... home alone. The mind wanders, doesn't it?

Amie said...

My cars are both REALLY dirty...where do I sign up?! By the way, I expected to swoon more on that site, but nothing compares to the real thing. =)

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