For My Own Sanity

I was reading my blog posts, and hey they aren't that bad. I am overcritical of everything I write. I read it later and think "damn that sucks." I usually post them anyway, because this is not a beautiful writing contest. I read other blogs and the writing that makes me giggle or want to yell out "Right on Sistah!" These women (and sometimes men) who write so eloquently that their words reverberate through me. They make me want to write more and better and to use words like "reverberate" that I rarely use in daily life.

So I continue on, I write often. I write long drawn out posts that do not always make it on here. I write and I think, and I write some more. Because that is what makes me feel happy. That is what makes me feel like I am in some way contributing to the world, to peace to happiness. If one person reads what I wrote and "gets" me or feels better because they are going through the same thing- then my millennium is made. I find words to express gratitude to those who have helped me on my path, I tell the world about what works for me, I ask for help. I find myself over and over, as I search deeper parts of me. I write because I have to... for my own sanity.

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