Since my parents went to South Dakota to visit the family, we are watching "Big Ol' Blue" or "Big Boy Blue" or "Deja' Blue." He is a pain! I am constantly reminded how good Lily Lou Lickington is! She has NEVER chewed up a shoe, or my fence outside, or torn a bag of charcoal up. We don't worry about her nipping the kids or growling or even barking when the doorbell chimes. He drinks out of the toilet, a trick Lily has never quite desired to do. Also when he drinks, he drinks down a lot of liquid, and we end up with puddles all over the place. Lily slobbers, but Blue, drools. I guess when you have flews like those... its bound to happen!

Yet, he can be the sweetest thing, too. He is quite jealous of Lily, when we pet her. He wants to be between you and her. He refuses to leave your side. I can see how loyal he will be to my parents. He is a very smart dog, and is eager to please you, and still wants to be his own dog, and is defiant sometimes.

Lily adores him, she follows him around like she is in love. She is the happiest I have ever seen her. They play all the time. I can only imagine how depressed she will be when he leaves. Poor Lone-dog Lily.

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dacheese said...

DeeohGee and Haley are not getting along so well.

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