Knitting Fool

Lately I have been a knitting fool. I have been unable to stop myself! I just wish we lived somewhere that scarves were worthwhile for more than about three days a year!

This is my latest project. I bought some dull cream colored wool at Joanns ($9 for an 11 ounce skein.) I then koolaid dyed it. And WOW! The results are amazing! I used Mango and Tropical Punch, but ran out of that combo and used Tropical Punch and Pineapple. So the top of the shorties are lighter and it gets darker. My little model doesn't want to wear clothes, though. DO you blame her? Its been over a hundred degrees here already, and I am sticking her in wool shorts? They are diaper covers at least.)

I also don't know if you can tell, but the bum has a star purled into it. Yes, free hand, I am so against patterns! I am an "organic knitter" a friend told me, like the knitter behind DomiKNITrix. The star isn't totally obvious (or even perfect in shape), but it was something to change up the monotony of just knitting in the round. On the front one of the legs has a little slit, that was for fun, too. I am so in love with the colors! They are so happy, and bright!
I have a bit more yarn, that I dyed Lemon-Lime and Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade. (Its mostly green with a little light blue.) I can not wait to get that pair started! After that? I really just want to dye more yarn... the knitting part is fun, but the dyeing so satisfying! I just love playing with all the bright colors.

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Amie said...

So cute, Leaner! I love the bright colors! Have you set up an etsy account yet? I saw someone on there with a sling, but yours are so much cuter--seriously, you should consider it!

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