Am I in a Sauna?

It feels like I am in a sauna. My body is creating quite a bit of heat, without doing anything. I want to veg on the couch and do nothing, but with my kiddos here, I can't. Yesterday Will came home from work early and was able to pick Rhayn up at school. Today I didn't take her. I could not make myself get off of the couch, and getting into the car made me feel nervous. Also, I was sleeping while they watched Wonder Pets on our Tivo. Gwennie sings along with the theme song, we sing the first part "what's going to work?" She replies "EEE Ooo." (Teamwork.)
Well, I am headed back to the couch, hopefully I will get a little more sleep in, because I can feel my body shutting down.
I am almost positive its the flu, joy of joys.

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