Pretty Toes

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I painted her toe nails, and she was so pleased about them, I don't know if this really shows how pleased she was. Gwennie is such a girlie, girl sometimes!

I think our puppy may have a name.
Now, before you say "what the?" We are calling her "Oggie" since that is what Gwennie calls her. Slowly it will become "Aggie" and I didn't want to just name her that, so its Agnes, which means "sacred and gentle, pure" a prefect name for her. I hope! (We are no longer calling her a pit bull, she is an "American Staffordshire Terrier" or "Amstaff"betcha never heard about one of those before? Well, its basically a fancy name for Pit Bull, its the name they are called by the AKC (I think) but considered different breeds by the UKC. Its all very confusing. I am tired of explaining why we chose to introduce a "fighting dog" "known for biting a child's face off" into our home with our children. She came from the sweetest parents, she will be well trained, and if she ever EVER bites us, she is gone. (Not the puppy nipping she currently does, but real bites.) She is an intelligent dog and already obeys commands, and stops when we tell her "No." She even told me she needed to go out to eliminate this morning. I am sure there will be more accidents before its all said and done, but she is such a great puppy. So please excuse her breed, she is a lover, not a fighter!


Mid-life Midwife said...

our Basset Hound of 8 years (who I just had to find anew home b/c of DH's allergies) is named Agnes. Agnes Mae.

Very gentle, indeed!

Alex's Human said...

I really hope all turns out well for you and your puppy. I have to admit, I'm one of those who thought, "What the Hell?", when I saw you got an "Amstaff."

Alex has been attacked 3 times and all of them were by Pits. The last time was by a dog that had supposedly never shown any signs of aggression before. Knowing that didn't help any as Alex sat in Petsmart crying, with her paw ripped open (she'd been attacked while sitting in the Petsmart vet waiting area).. But isn't that how the news reports go? The dog had never showed any signs of aggression until it mauled the kid who came into the yard??

As you may remember, we had Pits until I was in High School. And while the last one we had was sweet as can be to us, and even slept in the garage with a chicken, he killed the neighbor's cattle dog and seemed to not like Hayduke. As I remember, one day he even chased him up on the clothes line and wouldn't let him down...

I know any dog could turn out to be a "bad" dog, but for some reason when "fighting dogs" such as Pits, Rotts, and Shar-peis go bad, they really do it in grand fashion. My brother recently had to put his Shar-pei down because she'd been showing bad signs.. When I found out he'd put her down I felt awful and still do. I'd really liked that dog, but she was always super protective of him and tried to bite me when I was there last..

Anyway, good luck with Agnes and I hope you all have many happy, peaceful years together... She sure is cute!!

Amie said...

Gwennie is looking like such a big girl these days! I think both Aggie and Oggie are cute!

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