Summer Fun in the Sun

Saturday Will decided we needed to go to the zoo. He had been cooped up in the house for a few days because of his cold and he felt the need to walk around. It was a fairly nice day, and I think it was only 94 when we left the zoo at 10:45.

The zoo has a great water play area. I usually do not let Rhayn play unless we bring a swimsuit (and I almost always forget.) Will let her, and she was soaked. She had a great time. But her core temperature was very low and she shivered. She- like her mother and grandmother- is a total desert rat. We NEED sun, we need heat, and I will not ENJOY swimming unless it is at least 105 or so outside!

We walked around after the water play trying to let Rhayn dry off. We planned on going out to eat afterwards at Macayo's. Rhayn had gotten so wet that even the summer sun didn't dry her very well. We ended up heading into Target to buy her an outfit. She was so excited because I let her get some Curious George panties. (I am picky about the panties she usually gets, but its because she complains of itchiness.)

It was nice to be out with the family, we have been so busy lately that Will and I and the girls are hardly ever out in the same car at the same time. He unfortunately isn't even going to the family reunion, the girls and I are though, and we can't wait!

The other night I couldn't sleep I was laying awake thinking about how fun it will be to get to camp. I haven't really been since Rhayn was about 3 months old. I am sad because Dacheese won't be going. I am glad she got a jobbiroo, but still a little sad that she can't go camping with us.


Mid-life Midwife said...

ONLY 94 degrees at 10am?
oh, you'd have to shoot me!
that's insane! :)

Alex's Human said...

But it's a "dry heat" right?? Yeah.. Whatever.. You may have to inform me that I'm not really dying while we're out camping.. Wish I could bring our perfect weather down with me.. It's gonna be 70 today..

Can't wait to see you!!!

TLC said...

I'm the same - can't go swimming unless it's past the 100 mark! I wish there was a beach nearby at the camp ground! I'm a bit worried about the heat too - pregnancy usually makes me a bit warmer than usual. Will we all have fun or will we all be big grumps because of that heat? Alex's human - you bring your share of good weather and I will bring ours and just maybe we can squeak by w/ less than miserable heat!

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