The Tana Garven!

I am pretty happy. Yesterday was such a great day, we had a lot of fun.

But lets start with Saturday.

Will took Rhayn out to go mini golfing, just him and her, a daddy daughter date. As they were leaving the golf place, the car started overheating so he called me. I drove to the rescue, stopping to pick up some coolant and distilled water on the way. Then we went to Kyoto Bowl for some crappy sushi (because Rhayn wanted sushi, but she wouldn't eat THAT sushi, "I just wanted carrots and cucumber in mine.") Will didn't want to drag Rhayn with him because he was afraid the car would overheat again, but he had promised her that they would go and buy me a present for Mother's Day. So she and I headed to the MALL on a SATURDAY NIGHT! AHHH!

We were in the Gap Outlet (I was trying on pants, because for some reason my butt fell off and nothing I own fits, I found out that I have yet again dropped a size and am now 4... not bragging, I am not happy about it.) Well, Rhayn was in the next dressing room, trying on a pretty skirt and top. She had taken it off, and was saying "Mom I need to go potty." But she had to wait, because I was putting my clothes back on. Now normally when Rhayn says that I have about 5 minutes to get her to a potty. Not this time.

I opened the door and walked out, she said "moooom" and I just knew it was awful. She had peed all over herself. Seriously soaked her jeans and it was pooled into her cowboy boots. I said "its ok" but we needed to get out of the store. So I grabbed the skirt she had tried on and the two pairs of shorts I had tried on, and we went to the front to pay for them before heading out into the mall to find a restroom. (The skirt in that picture is the pee purchase skirt, poor little girl, she was so embarrassed. It took everything in me not to laugh and start spouting Billy Madison at her "You're not COOl unless you pee your pants!")

After this episode, we went into Mikasa to let her pick a gift out (I let her pick the store, and then "guided her" because she wanted to buy this ugly gold angel candle holder.) She found a glass tulip and a blue and white flower. I gave her $20 and let her buy it. All the while she was saying "Don't look mommy." So I shielded my eyes.

We had to stop at Fry's electronics to pick up a dongle (haha- its a REAL word!) for Will, which I couldn't find right away. And then had to stand in line behind Mr. Gassy Pants for almost a half an hour. I was so ready to be home!

Mother's day was so nice compared to Saturday. We both joked about wishing Saturday had a reset button, because it was just one issue after another.

We woke up Sunday and went to the "tana garvens" as Rhayn calls the Botanical Garden. It was nice, but a little hot. Then we went to get steak and crab legs, I had spent nearly all week trying to figure out where I wanted to go to eat and what I wanted to eat. I wanted an Awesome Blossom (thank dacheese, you kept talking about those!) and crab legs.

Will had gotten Tivo, and said it was for me. Yeah? I guess. I am grateful for it. We had a DVR before and when we bundled our cable, internet and phone services through Qwest we lost that. When you suddenly have to watch commercials again, you really appreciate the DVR. He also bought a really nice plant for me. Hopefully I will be able to keep it alive!

Will made shrimp scampi for dinner (he didn't clean up though, but one thing at a time!) Then we put the kids to bed and watched The Wrath of Khan (since I had been thinking about it, but I totally made him forward through the ear part, it still scares me!) tonight I think we will watch Star Trek III, just for kicks!


dacheese said...

I was looking at that cute family pictue and I realized
after like 5 minutes that someone else had to take it.... and poor rhaynnnnn

leaner said...

LOL! some guy walked by as Rhayn was trying to take a "family" picture and asked if we wanted him to take it. Its nice, because we seldom get any WHOLE family pictures, huh?

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