I used to walk all of the time. Not for any particular reason, other than I enjoyed it. I would sometimes walk around for hours aimlessly, I had time and that was how I enjoyed it.
So now, I hardly ever walk, unless I am getting somewhere. I walk to my car and drive to wherever. Then I walk. But walking is a chore now, I need to get places and I usually have a baby in a sling and a kid by the hand.
This morning, I walked. I woke up at 6 am, unable to sleep. After a half hour of laying there debating it, I got up, donned a sports bra, some shoes, and a bandana to cover my hair, and I was off.
The whole time I was thinking, this is nice. Its me time, and no one is interrupting it. I can think clearly and remember me. I thought of times gone by, old friends and the fun we had. I remembered how I used to spend quite a lot of time alone, eating reading, writing, driving. Now- I am lucky to get two minutes alone. I need that back.
Maybe walking in the morning is the thing that has been missing in my life. The thing that will give me a little time to be me, to stew in my own thoughts and the events of my life. Maybe this will give me more to write about.
So I guess it’s a resolution, a goal I made this morning as I walked, to walk at least a few times a week. For my sanity.


tif-do said...

What a great goal!!! Walking is so good for the spirit as well as the body. Hope that you can keep it up.

leaner said...

If I can only drag myself out of bed every morning, that will be the hardest part! It will be nice, and although i feel a little sleepy today, its not more than normal. I feel great!
Walking for my SANITY!

Pen-nut said...

Morning walks are wonderful. When it's nice and quiet. Great for the spirit and your sanity. Keep it up. We all need a little ME time, and the quiet morning is a great time to get it.

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