Another weekend is over, another army weekend that is.
We went to Cool-town to visit my mom and dad. It was so nice because since SLA and JVA moved out, they actually have a guest room! So nice to have somewhere to put my things and a place to put Buggie when she gets fussy, which she totally was. Her poor little nose is raw from the wiping, and she kept sneezing out giant green boogers. It was not fun, and I had to pump some milk when I got home, because my breasts were so full. It was just one of those weekends, where you walk around with red hot rockets jutting out of your chest. Poor Buggie was so hungry but she can hardly eat... its just a never ending horrible cycle, just like the nose wiping. I wipe the snot, which causes crying, which causes more snot to run out, hence more wiping, never ending cycle of no fun.

We went out "hunting" as Rhayn calls it. We found a few caches left by 4wheeltacos. It was great fun for all. We went to a place that was littered with pottery shards. That was a bit of a hike, because we parked in a bad place. But it was only 75 with a nice breeze so quite lovely out. Rhayn has a sunburn, but the Bug had sunblock on.

I will definitely by buying a solarveil sling soon. Or at least the fabric to make on (sling costs about $50 or the fabric about $10 a yard, plus $3 for rings.) I think dacheese needs one, too. Especially because she likes to swim, and those are great for that. (That fabric dries in minutes, really! I just have to order it online, so let me know what color you want dacheese, because I am going to order it soon. I am thinking khaki, we could have matching slings.)

Will got home minutes after I did, and he looked beat, so he is downstairs sleeping while I am up here keeping kids quite and getting myself ready for an early night. Ah, this is so not the life I pictured myself having when I was a teenager! Mom, I am sorry really, for that age of brattiness. I am not looking forward to having to be on the "mom" end of it, beign on the sister end was bad enough. Oh well, its part of life, right!

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lvh said...

I was looking at pictures I took of her and Madison last Thursday night and noticed she had a runny nose. Poor little girl - hope she gets over that soon.

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