Fuzzi Buns, Covers, and Contours OH MY!

After the millionth time I removed a totally ruined outfit from Bug, covered in bright yellow breastfed baby poo, I wondered what was wrong.

Before she was born, I spent hours pondering the diaper decision. I looked into cloth, but ended up thinking it too much work. Now I am rethinking that decision.

Bug is a super pooper, her poop sprays out the back of the diaper and covers her clothes, it has reached up to and above her shoulder blades routinely and is disgusting. Most of her cute little clothes are stained in the back, they have stains from the formula with Rhayn, and now poop stains from Bug. Great.

I sent a post to the AZBirthCircle, because I know that they have cloth diapering mamas. I got a few responses, and yesterday we hopped into the car to go check out a friend’s “stash.” Holy CRAPOLY! I didn’t know anyone had that many diapers! But I am sure glad she did. I was able to see wool covers, AIOs, pocket diapers, and prefolds. I did leave feeling overwhelmed but also left feeling satisfied that I can totally do it, I can be a cloth diapering mama like I originally wanted.

After ogling her cloth diaper collection and describing why she preferred this kind over that kind, she popped out her baby carrier collection.
I was in heaven.
I wanted to put them all on, and rub my face on them and tell them I loved them. I refrained (being a civilized guest) and proceeded to touch them all lovingly and gently. She is one of those people who actually BUY their carriers, although she has a few that she made. She showed me the “sling that started it all.” And I was just fascinated. I love hearing the journey women have taken to find the parenting style that fits them, and their babes. I was totally fascinated by the onbuhimo, I ordered the rings today and will be making myself (and dacheese) one of those soon.

Today I have spent hours looking at diapers online again, trying to find a place to get them fairly cheaply. I really want to get going, to see if this will help. I would love to get to a point where I could sew my own covers, I think I could, easily. I would need a serger, and I am really comfortable doing something like that. But I would like to try some first before spend money and time on fabric (and a serger) if I am not going to actually use them.

This saga will continue, believe me. I have entered a whole new realm of parenting, and I am loving it!


Mid-life Midwife said...

check eBay for people getting rid of their whole stach of diapers. i used cloth for both kids for their first years. i used generic prefolds with #1 (and liked) and with #2 used a fitted contour thing with separate covers. my kids were too chunky for the all-in-ones. their clothes would never have fit! not too mention its hot where you live. all-in-ones are thick and take forever to dry. i love cloth. but going back to work made me go back to disposables (mostly for other people's convenience). i did save a ton of money though by using cloth.

TLC said...

dipes are on their way tomorrow and then we will talk about bartering for sling-a-ma-jings!

dacheese said...

welp I love the pics and madder did too! those look fun! now I need to learn how to sew!

dacheese said...

Ok I also have to say that the diaper things also interests me!?!? What to do. maybe I will see how it works for leaner first!?

hairball said...

spray n wash!! that has taken out everysingle collin stain just as long as it is not a stain that has already been washed before

leaner said...

See, I have tried shout and spray and wash. Neither worked on that booby milk poo! I thought formula stained (it was killer w/ rhayn's clothes!) But this is a whole new monster!

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