Birthday fun!

When I asked RHayn what she would like to do on her birthday. She paused and thought for a moment, then announced that she would like to "throw the ball" and have "the sweet red sauce" being mom, I knew that this meant bowling and Chinese food.

Will had gotten home the night before from his army weekend where they had spent time in Florence at a field exercise- this means NO SLEEP. He was thoroughly exhausted and sore. (You try walking through desert rocks in combat boots!)

So for Rhayn's birthday we went bowling (for the first time together, that is right, neither Will nor I are bowlers and have never been bowling together!) It was fun, we all equally stunk at it. I tried bowling with Bug in the Mei Tei, and it was nit easy. She started fussing so we took her out and took turns holding her while the other threw the ball. She fell asleep during the 3rd game and Will threw for both of us for the first half then I threw the last half.

Rhayn wanted to go to Target (actually she just wanted to go shopping) and get ice cream. So we finished off the night with Cold Stone. Yum!

We got home, she opened her presents and then went to bed. It was a long full day and bowling takes a lot out of you!

This morning Bug started fussing about 4am. She really hasn't stopped yet today. She must not be feeling well, and I totally understand. I thought I was feeling a little sick yesterday, but today my head is throbbing (sinus pressure) and my throat is sore again. I told Will he needs to stop going to the gym, I think he is picking up all kinds of nasty germs there, and bringing them home. Yuck. I just hope that we all feel better by tomorrow, I have way too much to do!


dacheese said...

That sounds fun! Guess what we had for my B-Day.. If you guessed LB inn then you are correct!

leaner said...

LOL! Yum!
I was going to call you, but haven't had a chance for your b-day. Glad you at least did something!

lvh said...

All right I want to go to Stone Cold when I'm down there - i love ice cream but have never had that. The week of March 27th, I have to work but only until 2 so thinking as soon as I get off work one day, Mom and I should come and see your house. What would be a good day? And happy birthday to Rhayn - kids are growing up way tooooooo fast.

hairball said...

Me Maybe too Me Too!!! Maybe we could take lvh to the mystery castle with us. I think she would love it!!! It would have to be between a Thur and Sat though (those are the only days the castle is open)

hairball said...

Take out that "maybe" at the beginning (typo) also word verification is boobolta.....ha ha Boob!!!!

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