Winter, where'd you go?

I swear that this “above normal” temperature crap is making my depression come early this year.
In most states the SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) hits people in mid winter because of a lack of light. UV therapy is a treatment for it. I don’t think I have that, I have OCSHD or (Oh Crap Summer is Here Disorder.) We have been in the 80s, and unable to wear the sweaters I hoard every year, waiting for it to drop below 70 maybe even down to 60 so I won’t sweat all day in them. This year, there has been maybe a week of those days. We are hot, I know its Arizona and I should get over it. Winter is usually a beautiful time, get out and play in the lovely 60-70 degree weather… So why are we at 80 nearly every day? A full 11 degrees about normal on average?

All I know is that I want to move to where it snows. I want to bundle up so I’ll sleep better. I want to walk around my house in socks because my toes are cold. I want to wear long sleeve shirts comfortably. I want to wear those jackets I have hidden away.

I miss Winter!


dacheese said...

I miss the rain in the desert. The smell of rain. It rained in Hawaii it rained but it was not the aizona rain I love... I miss winter tooo!!!!

leaner said...

I know, makes you want to take some water and spray the desert just to get that smell!
At least you've SEEN rain, I think I have forgotten what it looks/feels like!

Alex's Human said...

I'm just glad that it finally stopped raining here for a few days. 6 solid weeks was a bit much. it actually was sunny the past two days and in the 50's!! gotta love that.

tif-do said...

I think I'm actually a victim of SAD, funny you brought it up. Maybe I'll start tanning, I'll get the tanning endorphins and feel better. The winter blues suck!
Sorry for the complaining, just couldn't help it.

Mid-life Midwife said...

Oh honey, I am so with you! I really can't stand the heat. Most everyone in Michigan bitches about the hot, humid summers and the freezing cold winters. I like the variety, personally. I've been to AZ and it was like Mars to me. I hate air conditioning and I love wearing slippers and big, sloppy cardigans. You'll need to come visit TLC! See the new babe! ;)

leaner said...

I would love to visit TLC, we've never seen Creaky, so it would be fun. Maybe next year me and the girlies could come... we'll see!

tif-do- get a tan, some UV therapy will totally help. maybe i have too much uv therapy and it works the opposite? Hmmm... its cloudy today but that doesn't mean squat!

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