Shoes!! (and a Horse's Eye)

I got some new shoes, well actually Rhayn, Bug and I all got new shoes this weekend. To quote Rhayn, “Yip! HOO!!!”

For the past 3 years I have purchased an expensive pair of shoes for Rhayn every spring. They are like this sandal from Nordstrom’s (the ones we bought are last years style.) She wears them out once a year, but she really wears these shoes out. It goes with everything, and she loves them. I am glad we went this weekend, because they sell out quickly and then you get stuck with whatever color they happen to have. The first year they were red, then last years were blue (but I wanted the blue, they are pretty.) This year she got a white pair with a pink flower.
Bug’s shoes are these Robeez.
Mine are these. I know, I just bought a pair of shoes a few weeks ago. But TLC showed these to me, and I thought they looked nice. So I ordered them, and picked them up at the local REI store. They are the most awesome shoe for climbing rocks in the desert! We went Geocaching this weekend, and the traction on those shoes was ideal for that. (Figures the bottom says Jeep Engineered Traction!) I was really impressed, to say the least! I can’t wait to get out there again and use that grip!

I love shoes, have I mentioned that? I love looking at them, and I could easily have one of those shoe closets like in the movies. But, I usually pick one pair and wear them constantly.

I will post pictures later of Rhayn riding horses. She had a fun time doing that this weekend. I took some really great pictures of her being a cowgirl, but I am tired for now, and want to go to bed.


TLC said...

I LOVE shoes too, but it seems like I have been very good at NOT buying them. I maybe buy one a year and usually something to wear with anything like the J-41. I'm glad you liked those shoes and they are comfy and perfect for rock climbing - it looks like they have almost sold out! Creaky had a pair of those robeez but in a brown color - cute w/ socks in the winter!

tif-do said...

When your little Bug gets bigger you should look at pedoodles they are a lot like Robeez but the ones for older kids have souls so they can run in the dirt in them. Very cute!

leaner said...

geesh, tif-do, did you HAVE to show me MORE shoes? don't you know its an addiction?! I LOOOOVE baby shoes, and think they are totally useless! LOL Yes, Bug has a few pairs of useless shoes!
I had been doing VERY well not buying shoes, but my sneaker-style shoes were too small and my cons are not suited for hikes, so i thought it time to get some new shoes (and not sandals.)

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