Drawing and Hiking!

Last week we bought some plants to put on our patio, to add some green to an otherwise brown space. After we put them out there, Rhayn sat and drew them. She loves to sit and draw pictures, often they are just of the family, but she is getting better at looking at something and drawing what she sees.

Sunday, Will rented a trencher and tore up our backyard. We figured it was time to put in a permanent drip system for our trees. He had been planning that for a while.

We had a full day today.

Will had to go to work unfortunately Presidents' Day is not one of the holidays he gets off. So the girls and I went hiking with my mom, dad and JVA.

We piled into the Exploder and headed up South Mountain. Not too much up, and we weren't even sure where we were headed. Mom and I printed off a few geocaches, but didn't end up doing any. We did go on a bit of a hike and it was fun. It marked the second hike of the year. Probably the last one, too. Its going to be getting way too hot soon.

This is a picture of the Mei Tei (pronounced May Tie, or asian baby carrier) that I made last week. It works really well, and is easy to get baby on my back, so great for while doing chores. She loves it, too.


dacheese said...

Rhaynnonis growing up so fast!

tif-do said...

In Utah they have a name for it. It's called, MMS. Mormon Mommy Syndrome. I thought that was funny, but it refers to stay at home moms with depression, its so easy to feel that way when you are a stay at home, even though it is the most rewarding thing ever, its also the most stressful, draining and exhausting thing ever. I had to read up on it for a lesson I taught. The top 10 ways for relieving depression without medication were:
1. Eating right
2. Being outdoors
3. Goals
4. Laughter
5. Exercise
6. Meditation
7. Music
8. Sex
9. Hobbies
10. Friends
Hope that you start feeling better soon, I am no stranger to those feelings, and I know how hard it can be to get over them. Love ya!

leaner said...

friends, huh? Again I think the answer to my problems is finding friends!
Its the only one of those I am really REALLY struggling with. exercise is hard, too.

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