The Best Present Ever!

Rhayn found a bow and stuck it on Bug's head. It was cute, so we took a bunch of pictures of her.

Bug is 12 weeks old. For 12 weeks I have had her in my arms, attached to me in some way. For 12 weeks she has been a part of my life. Its amazing! Yesterday she laughed! It was the neatest sound. I was sticking her feet on her face and she was laughing about it. She had the hiccups also, so it was disconnected. It was still a laugh, such a sweet noise!

Rhayn's first laugh was given to my mom, who tickled her under the chin at a Walmart when we were buying Trivial Pursuit. It hurt my feelings that Rhayn didn't laugh for me first, and although Bug has sort of laughed a few other times to me and daddy, this time it was certain. AND it was ALL MINE!

I think Bug must also be going through a growth spurt, she has been eating every hour while awake and actually woke me up 3 times last night. (Not including the time after she went to sleep, but before I did.) Is it possible for her to GROW again, already? She is such a big girl... She is going to be giant if she keeps eating like this! Its fine, because I know that I am giving her the best stuff ever, and it is obviously agreeing with her perfectly!

Right now, she is in my arms, munching and looking up at me with her blue eyes, so perfect. So amazing, so mine!


abeNanna said...

Now you have to throw the laughing party for Gwen since you are the one who made her laugh. We'll expect good food.....

dacheese said...

Madder still has not laughed but she was trying to copy me. She yells a lot now and mostly just to get my attention. She sings with me it is a lot of fun!

leaner said...

And a COstco cake- saying
"Yeah you LAUGHED!" haha

Madder will laugh soon and it will be the MOST. AWESOME. NOISE. EVER! You will fall in love with her all over again!
Bug has been yelling at me- when I set her in the swing for more than like 5 minutes "hey- look at me- pick me up- MEMEMEMEMEME!!!" I just know that is what she is saying!

dacheese said...

yeah I know I prefer the yelling to the crying she was doing. She is getting so much better. My headache has began to go away! Guess what I am drinking??? well it is a limeaid with blue coconut and me and mom got a gingerbread blast thing!

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