Twelve Pounds of Healing Love!

I just weighed Gwennie and she has reached and exceeded the 12 pound mark! Pretty amazing to me! This means in 2 months she has gained 4 pounds, that is 1/2 of her birth weight! Is that good? Well it makes me feel good, because its all on mama's milk. I am giving my baby the very VERY best and she is gaining weight wonderfully. What a lovely beautiful wonderful thing to do!

I want to write a whole article about the healing process I am going through, nursing. How wonderful it has been and how it has filled a hole that I felt like I had because of not being able to nurse Rhayn. I just haven't started or even figured out what I need to say. I love the idea of it. Everytime I put her to my breast it fills the hole a little more, its like doing yoga for my soul. I am able to open my soul to her a little more, because the void is being filled.

Just a few minutes ago as she was done eating, she leaned her head back with milk dribbling down her chins. It made my heart melt, its all I had needed.


dacheese said...

I am happy that we are able to feed our babys! I wish that I could pump but oh well! Thanks for the e-mail it was very cute!

leaner said...

Yup- it is awesome isn't it! Just as our bodies were designed, to feed our babies. It really gives you new found respect for those saggy baggies that hang on our chests, huh?

TLC said...

Way to go Gwennie! Such cute babies - those two. Gra'ma Carter called and was so tickled that she got to see her two babies!
Keep seeking and healing - it will only improve your quality of life!

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