Ok, so some baby is a bit of a grump today. She has had a hard day, what with meeting her new cousin and everything.

So far she spent nearly all morning attached to me, or looking for me to be reattached. I finally get her to sleep and try to put her down (because I need to empty my bladder!!!) and she wakes up searching for me. Wow, I love this nursing thing, I mean I feel SO needed. Its nice. I am not complaining about it, because I get to be the one she falls asleep on.

Gwendolyn is so much more alert today than she was even yesterday. Its so weird to notice how quickly she is changing. She holds up her head, to look around. She tries to move. Her head control is amazing. It was so strange to hold Madison, because she is so new. She was only 12 hours old.

I am also VERY VERY VERY glad I had her at home! I was watching how pushy the nurse was with Bri and not nursing Madison, because Madison was sleeping. Gwendolyn nursed as soon as she was born, but fell into a deep sleep for such along time, the hospital would have been having a total fit. She didn't feed again until she was 12 hours old. Would they have shoved a bottle down her throat? Is that what they'll do to Madison, even though they know Bri is planning on nursing her? Ugh- I hate hospitals. So not the place for a new mother. They freak you out, making you think your baby will DIE if they don't eat on a schedule from the first moment.


hairball said...

I don't think it is all hospitals tht have this stereotype atomosphere. For our next baby, I just want to move back to Flagstaff for 10 months and have the baby there. Wonderful people who understand, who actually ask what you think, that comfort and support and there was that slight "hippie" love there. It was a wonderful "family" of personal there. I don't think I will ever find wonderful people like that in this valley. Here's to hoping, if not maybe there are good programmer jobs in Flag for joe? I am sorry bri's was not as enjoyable.

TLC said...

Look at that proud 'grampa' sitting on the floor! He needs a throne holding those precious jewels!

Not to egg you on but I agree w/ you on the hospital shite! May we have more birth centers for people who don't want homebirths but know they don't want hospital births either! Or for better training for OB's and nurses!

leaner said...

tlc- I don't really think its the nurses, its the hospital policies! I know they have to cover their arses, but really- it seems like all it does is sterss out those new mamas!

hairball- I agree, if you find one that you really like its hard to give em up! There are excellent hospitals here in the valley, and there are some really great ob/gyns. You just have to look for them! Hopefully you can find one that fits what you need/want! I don't know how bri feels about her experience, but after my homebirth, and all of it, the hospital seems disappointing!

TLC said...

your preaching to the choir now - sista! Okay, policy changes AND to which the dr's and nurses implement them. I'll take it one step further and throw out "Informed Consent" how about that for these women/families to be armed BEFORE they even get to the hospital to deliver. How about dab of moxie to boot!?

I'm not talking about those who are happy w/ their care (hairball) but speaking for those that *wish* things would have gone differently from what they were expecting. living here in A2 I have come across SO many women who have been traumatized from their care and are working through those issues. It's very sad to hear about women ending up with c-sects even when they could have delivered. These are real issues for some and for others they are just happy they have a baby to hold no matter how they came out.

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