World's Best Kitty

The best kitty ever. Beckham.

It was 2003, and Will and I had officially been married 6 whole months. Whoo hoo. I think I sent him an e-card while he was at work.

When Will comes in the house, home from work, he says " I have something inthe car." So we bring this fuzzball in. Will swore he was a pregnant female cat. I told him that he was a bloated boy cat. (I got to be right YIPPEE!) We tried locking this boy in the laundry room, with some food and the litter box. He immediatly told us that he wasn't having any of that. So He, the almighty, got his way from day one.

We were lucky, he joined our family, easily becoming friends with our two other cats and we can't imagine not having him.

The only problem we have ever had with him, was while cat sitting for my cousin (I am sure that I wrote about that- he BIT Conner. We had to immediately take Conner to the vet and he couldn't live with us anymore. It was a very sad day!) Well that and if Beckham eats to quickly he pukes. He leaves piles of moist cat food around the house. gross. But since he is the best kitty ever we will forgive him.

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