Of Cabbages and Black Eyes

How do little kids get so clumsy? I know, its because they are growing, but seriously!!! Rhayn seems to be growing every few weeks!

Yesterday she was running and dancing and she fell over and smacked her hand on the coffee table. Then later she ran head first into the other coffee table and has quite a lovely bruise near her right eye from it. It looked like it really hurt her yesterday. The picture does NOT do it justice, but you can sort of see the pretty colors. It was swollen in a semi circle around the eye. Poor girl... she is so very much a clutz- just like momma!

I think it was only 2 months ago that she really smacked her head on a corner of the wall and gave herself a doozy of a black eye. I don't think I took any pictures of that one though. It was so awful.

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